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Personal information.

date of birth:   September 10‘ 1986

cell:        +380 (97) 645 6508

e-mail:      [email protected]

location:     Irpin city, Kiev, Ukraine


Position of lead engineer, application architect, heads of department development.

Professional skills.

  • ES6+, node.js, MERN stack, flow/TS, SSR
  • unix/mac user, docker, docker-compose, etc.
  • relational, noSQL DB’s (MYSQL, Postgres, mongoDB, CouchDB, Redis), AWS, DigitalOcean, elasticsearch/sphinx
  • unit tests front/back, coverage from 80%, jest
  • ci/cd (Jenkins/GitLab), gitflow/TBD
  • favorite stack now - node.js (express/nest), next.js, Apollo client/server (GraphQL), react.js, redux/mobX
  • css pre-processors (postCSS, SASS, SCSS). amqp-0.9.1 (RabbitMQ, ES3), websocket, oAuth2
  • agile (scrum/kanban), OKR
  • SOLID, GRASP, eslint/prettier, editor config, review code must have


elpasoElpaso (jul2022)

A big finance platform, online banking, any currency. Position: web engineer, full stack, stack on js based. Microservice architecture, b2b.

aleph1Aleph One (mart2022-may2022)

I am working on a project for a large client, since 2017 - SWAG.
Position: web engineer, full stack, stack on js based.

woolf universityWoolf University (dec2021-mart2022)

Responsibilities: Participate in the full development life cycle, including design, implementation, quality testing, and release;
Develop back-end cloud-ready microservices and GraphQL APIs;
Contribute to the design and implementation of data storage functionality that is reusable, scalable, and meets critical architecture goals;
Identify code and functionality that can be reused and refactor for reuse within the team;
Optimize components for maximum performance across a vast array of mobile devices and browsers;
Ensure straightforward design and comprehensive documentation of code;
Participate in code reviews and collaborate with other team members on JS coding standards and best practices, third-party integrations, and other front-end development processes;

Aurora TechnologiesAurora Technologies (feb2021 - oct2021)

Support products on both sides. Design all Domains Model for architecture product, create new abstraction, implements trunk base development as base workflow development on frontend department. Up performance application for search results. Designation of correct OKR, and further implementation of them

freelanceFREELANCE (nov2020 - jan2021)

Project NDA. Position team lead team of frontend department.
Front End Web Development using TypeScript and related React programming based on Figma design to develop an online banking system.
Developing web interfaces to web-based RESTful API services.
Application performance tuning, debugging, testing and supporting software releases.
Working as a part of an integrated product team using an Agile development methodology.

soft2betSoft2Bet (mar2018 - aug2020)

Position. Team Lead team of frontend department.

I am developing gaming bets kernel, supporting old system, old version which built dozens of sites

RND-front consists of layout designers, designers, PM, where I lead the development process from layout to production and take part in formulation of tasks. stack - Apollo, graphql, mongodb, nodejs, express


rozetkaRozetka (jan2017 – mar2018)

Position. Tech Lead team of 5 technical developers. Worked in 3 development teams. 4th created myself for the business idea of a marketplace for configurable products.

Use micro-service application architecture, containerization, secure interaction in distributed systems (monitoring, replication, correctly die, circuit breaker), profiling, code analytics.

rozetkaLime Consulting (avg2016 - dec2016)

To help me my Team of five developers back and four front.
We use LEMP on php-fpm, mysql, socket.io, angular.js and react.
Cache technology(redis, rabbitMQ), microservice architecture, elasticsearch.
TDD, DDD, SOLID, PSR, review code.
Agile kanban/scrum

unisenderUniSender (oct2015 – jul2016)

Position. WEB developer. Overall, 1 commercial projects implemented
A small team of very high-level specialists. I brought a lot of knowledge from there, including DDD, microservice architecture, creating solutions for broken and high-load parts of the application. Many thanks to them for such a necessary experience in my professional life.

ClickMeInClickMein (feb2014—nov2015)

Position. WEB developer. Overall, 20 projects were implemented.
company of `Innovecs` which got a chance to develop under its own name and own investments. Really very cool and sincere team of strong developers and cool team lead Max (:
Stack: RabbitMQ, Amazon services, php frameworks (yii/laravel/zend).

ClickMeInROST Group company (jul2011—jan2014)

Position. Web developer / Team lead “Since”. Development of the CRM systems on SugarCRM for businesses, created management platform for medical distribution

participated in creation of the first versions of the interactive television system `SinceTV`


Web Impact, outsourcing (dec2010—jun2011)

Position. WEB developer. Use php and javascript for support some system Prizm

Seolab13, Prado, web studio (apr2010—dec2010)

Position. Web developer, designer assistant
created sites `vizitka`, marketing platforms, online stores based on CMS Jommla, Zend


Ukrainian firm medical center of road safety movement (aug2009 — apr2010)

Position. Web developer, designer assistant, polygraphy, admin and IT information
in GKTB i created layout of journal "Transport Security", published 2 journal, was engaged in printing, created a website on the php

in BDR, made banners, promoted the site, administered the network, peripherals, computers and software
learned to work with raster and vector graphics



Ukrainian: native

Russian:   trying to forget

English:   intermediate (B1)


2022 jul. Lectrum University Lectrum University. Kiev. Teacher of the 4th stream course `Comprehensive JavaScript and TypeScript Course with modern development approaches`.

2021 dec. Lectrum University Lectrum University. Kiev. Teacher of the 3th stream course `javascript-advanced`.

2021 oct. Lectrum University. Kiev. Online course `create SPA & SSR-application` on next.js. Has completed (certificate)

2019 dec. - 2020 mar., 2020 sep. Lectrum University. Kiev. Mentor of stream React, Redux.

2019 may. Lectrum University. Kiev. Online course Server technology design, on MERN stack. Master of js backend (certificate)

2019 yan. Lectrum University. Kiev. Online Master Class Webpack 4. Has completed (certificate)

2017 dec. - 2018 feb. Lectrum University. Kiev. Off-line course. Master of React, Redux (certificate reactcertificate redux)

2004-2009. NUWM NUWM.Rivne, National university of water management and nature, faculty of applied Mathematics.

  • Specialization: automated process control.
  • Form of study: full-time.
  • Educational qualification of the specialist.